Bruce n Shirley Website       2016  Open Spring and Summer             OUR 40 YEAR STORY:   After leaving the metro area and owning our first bakery in Ashland Wisconsin we returned to the metro area where we had been raised to look for something closer to our home in Minneapolis, MN.  We found Shakopee.  Bought our bakery in 1976, enjoyed ourselves here running our small business and raising our family.  We have been located on 1st Avenue since l976 in the first few years on the North side of the street and then in our permanent location on the south side of 1st Avenue.  We have had the delight of knowing so many fine people in the area as friends and customers.  We continue baking for all our newer customers and luckily those that have been with us since 1976.  They are a treasure. Sooooooo, as many may refer to us as RETRO!!!! No, that is not true.  We are ORIGINAL and remain dedicated to the standard of being an independent bakery, earning our living on our own, with wonderful employees and customers.  We hope you will try us soon and remain forever grateful to our loyal friends that have kept us in business for 40 years now.    Your home town bakers since 1976,  Bruce & Shirley

Spring 2014 has brought us to a new time in our life. We have changed our days open to Thursday Friday and Saturday    Semi retirement for us but still enjoying baking and all our friends & awesome customers at the Shakopee Bakery. Thank you again.